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1-5 BDBCB 6-10 AAACC 11-15 CDDAD

16-20 ACDAB 21-25 DCBDC 26-30 ABCDA

31-35 BCBDA 36-40 ACBDC 41-45 BADBA

46-50 CADDB 51-55 ABDBC

56-60 (One possible version)

56. Because she was not properly fed.

57. To take Lizzie to a veterinary clinic.

58。 The doctor judged Lizzie’s state was not good。

59. She recovered and had a good relationship with

the author。

60。 Yes, I agree, because pets can be our faithful

companions and will stay with us when we need


书面表达(One possible version)


As you know, next to our school playground lies

a piece of land filled with weeds. We are planning

to turn it into a beautiful garden where students

and teachers can relax themselves。 So we hope that

there will be some volunteers who can help pull up

pk10登陆平台the weeds, grow flowers and take care of the garden

in the future. All of the relevant work will be carried

out in our spare time so that our studies will not

be affected. If you want to do something for our

school and love gardening, please participate in the

meaningful activity. You can contact us by sending

an email at

The Students’Union


1-5 BABBC 6-10 BCBBC 11-15 CCBBB

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